I’m the Editor at PC Guide, formerly the eCommerce editor at News UK.

Previously, I said the following (and a lot of it still stands…).


I’m a creative copywriter and content professional with a background in tech journalism. Professional writer and editor, sports lover, bibliophile. I wield a skill-set worthy of the A-Team’s press room (well…clients love my work anyway).

Once part of an award-winning research agency (and writer of the award submission), more tech writing than I can list, national newspapers, and an urban artist have all benefited from my work. To do that work I’ve sat in press rooms, on news desks, in training and lectures. I’ve dealt in opinion, entertainment and fact, and always with the audience in mind. I’ve worked and work with some great clients.

I’m also open to live radio reading gigs – please join the (very front of the) queue for this.

– Three Sheets To The Wind – Poet/author, melancholic nostalgia-bum.