The beauty of this life should not be overlooked.

The possibilities of us not oppressed.

Opportunities of equal existence should not be capitalised.

And yet here we are..

Daily, communication – the thing meant to connect – drives absolute arguments of this and that.

Wedging symetrical sides of the human valley apart with grotesque mirrors.

The abandonment of fact.

The conflation of truth, provable or individual, with opinion.

These are not an equivalence.

A deserving freedom of thought and support is othered.

And agreeing to disagree is a wasted compromise with life and liberty on the line.

It is a Saturday, and words are a kind of action.

A 37-year old man, with a settled, slow and frosty view.

Not so different from you.

Or same enough to know that our difference is as natural,

As the depth of snow on the rugged earth.

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash


Kevin Pocock


  1. Hi, Kevin. I read the article you wrote in the new google phone. Do you happen to know the music playing in the background of the commercial?

    • Hi there,

      Unfortunately, I do not. Perhaps it was commissioned just for the advert..? I’ve had a quick look and can’t find anything, sorry.


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