Confession time: I’ve been reading a book for almost a year. Well perhaps not quite that long, but it does feel that way. I actually packed it when me and my lady went to Italy in July, and I remember doing that so I would make some serious headway in reading… Continue Reading Confession time: Read-enjoy-repeat.

Ah, reactions. If you missed the news, or exercise an admirable amount on online restraint, Facebook has introduced a selection of new ‘reaction’ options – effectively mixing up the way people interact with posts on the site. So, should you hover your mouse cursor over the Like button offered just… Continue Reading What can we learn from Facebook reactions?

I’m not going to write what I’d planned on writing. In this post I was going to write about how boring writing is not only writing which uses too little punctuation and so drags on and on, but how it’s also writing which plainly uses incorrect punctuation. It’s boring because… Continue Reading Avoid Boring Writing: Part II (Punchy Punctuation)