Just a quick post, this, about Write Club, to get me back in the swing of visibly writing a bit more. Because it’s not that I haven’t been writing, it’s just that largely it hasn’t been visible (unless you’re one of my clients…or one of their users). Forgive me if… Continue Reading Why Write Club seems right for me

I’m not going to write what I’d planned on writing. In this post I was going to write about how boring writing is not only writing which uses too little punctuation and so drags on and on, but how it’s also writing which plainly uses incorrect punctuation. It’s boring because… Continue Reading Avoid Boring Writing: Part II (Punchy Punctuation)

This headline might need some small explanation; and so might the image to the left. So here goes: Repetition is boring. And ‘fun’ is overused. The second of those points came to me when I was flicking through the latest issue of Custom PC magazine. In behind all the tech… Continue Reading Avoid Boring Writing: Part 1